Dental Surgery in Tunisia
Teeth Whitening

A color change of yellow spots in the deep layers of dental enamel. The appearance of yellow teeth is related to aging, cigarette smoking, tea, coffee, red wine.


Concerned people

Anyone aged over 14 may benefit from treatment. Specifically, people who have discolored teeth and gums. The method is particularly beneficial as a result of orthodontic treatment, after removal of the dental apparatus. It is also very effective at removing stains on veneers, crowns or bridges. Laundering poses no danger to health of teeth.

Prohibited people

Children under 14 years. People with teeth with tetracycline stains (wearing gray / brown teeth). The treatment for this problem is with the recovery of white porcelain veneers.

People with teeth that have large fillings / fillings on the teeth visible. The treatment for this problem is the white crown porcelain / ceramic.

People with gum disease (swollen gums, loosened roots). The treatment for this problem is the treatment for the gums followed by white porcelain crowns.

The procedure duration

The procedure takes about 1 hour.

The benefits of the procedure

Among the benefits of this procedure, we find:

  • Desired results in just one hour instead of 3-4 weeks.
  • The efficiency is 52% greater than the money is only at home (Loma Linda University in California).
  • Some sensitivity to hot and cold after treatment.
  • Your teeth will be up to 10 times whiter in just one hour.
  • Improve your smile and your appearance quickly.
  • Security solution that causes no damage to fillings to tooth enamel and causes no pain or discomfort.
  • whitening gel used is the only gel approved by the American Dental Association.
  • Early intervention for clients who have tight schedules and busy schedule.
  • A result five times higher than that obtained with toothpaste.


Dental surgery in Tunisia Teeth Whitening
Before the procedure
Dental surgery in Tunisia Teeth Whitening
After the procedure


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