Dental Surgery in Tunisia
Teeth Facets

Having a star smile, able to communicate without the gene, have confidence in silk, be beautiful and healthy is now within reach of all. Cosmetic dentistry provides a dazzling smile and a mouth healthy glow.



The dental veneer can change both the color, shape, size, and to some extent the position of the teeth. Indications are starting, the dentist has two techniques to lay the veneers.

Laying facet with cutting tooth

The laying of veneers is done under local anesthesia. The dentist cleans the tooth surface and removes a thin layer of enamel to give ample space for the dental facet.

He then takes an impression of the teeth to achieve the final dental veneers in the laboratory. Meanwhile he asks temporary veneers. The final veneers are placed within 4 to 7 days. They are made ​​of porcelain or ceramic and are fixed with the resin.

Laying facet without cutting tooth

If possible, the dentist put directly facets retaining the original tooth intact. We can use this technique when there are at least eight facets to lay.

The dentist takes the footprint of the jaw and a specialized laboratory performs facets. Then, facets are then bonded to the teeth. The facet covers the entire tooth. You may choose freely the form and color.


Resumption of normal activities after about one day.


Dental Surgery in Tunisia - Dental Veneers
Before the procedure
Dental Surgery in Tunisia - Dental Veneers
After the procedure


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