Body Lifting in Tunisia
Thighs Lifting

The thigh lift is a procedure that is intended for people with excess skin and fat from the inner thighs. It is in this situation that performing a simple liposuction would lead to a withered appearance and consistency of flaccid skin and teguments.

The aim of lifting the thigh or cruroplastie is degreased by liposuction of the inner thighs, then redrape tension and restore the skin by making the excision of a cutaneous horizontal zone at the root of the thigh .


The procedure

Cruroplastie or facelift begins with a thigh liposuction (thin tube of 3 mm or 4 measure of regularity) extended to the inner thighs. Then a skin zone (2 to 10 cm) is removed at the root of the thigh. A re-skin tension or lifting leg up is now being considered.

Redraped skin is suspended by many points deep insertions of the muscles attached to the inner thighs, then the skin is sutured in the wake of natural upper thigh. Two suction drains are placed. The final scar face lift thigh, hidden in the bikini, smooth and very quiet, runs along the side edge of the pubis descends into the natural crease between the labia majora and the upper thigh then disappears back into the internal area crease under the buttocks.

Order to achieve a lifting of the thigh, two types of anesthesia are possible:

  • A regional anesthesia, spinal anesthesia type,
  • Or general anesthesia.

Thigh lift or cruroplastie lasts 1 hour 30. It is framed with a prevention of phlebitis with anticoagulants, massages calves intraoperative, postoperative splinting by panty.

Hospitalization from 24 to 48 hours is required to complete a face lift or thigh cruroplastie. The shower is permitted from the day of discharge from the clinic. For prevention of phlebitis in a thigh lift, anticoagulants are ordered for 15 days after discharge. Simple analgesics and antibiotics are prescribed the day of departure from the clinic.

After procedure

After lifting the thigh, two control consultations at the 10th and the 21st day are needed, then spread over six months.

A thigh lift, restraint is via a dedicated panty elastic. The duration of restraint is 10 to 15 days.

A thigh lift or cruroplastie at a sedentary job, a recovery in the third or fourth day may be possible, but in a professional practice requiring more physical journeys by car or on foot, ten of days and gradual recovery is needed. Any sport is very soft against-indicated for a minimum period of 6 weeks. Any movement requiring mobility with a large amplitude of the thighs should be prohibited. A reboot is recommended in the pool.

After procedure Risks

There are some general risks :

  • Risks of general anesthesia or spinal anesthesia: specified during the anesthesia consultation.
  • risks of phlebitis: exceptional.

Phlebitis corresponds to the appearance of a blood clot that blocks one of the deep veins of the lower limbs. This clot, if it comes off, can migrate to the lungs and produce a pulmonary embolism.

We fight fiercely against the development of phlebitis by the systematic use of compression stockings during hospitalization and surgery, accompanied by massage of the calves during the operation. Anticoagulation oversees the hospital. We have to date no cases of phlebitis to deplore in our cruroplasties.

There are also risks of surgery, namely:

  • Hematoma: exceptional during a thigh lift
  • Infection: exceptional outside the sequelae of obesity and diabetic patient
  • Disunity, mainly in patients with overweight or sequelae of obesity, or history of tobacco abuse.


Cosmetic Surgery in Tunisia - Thigh lift
Before the procedure
Cosmetic Surgery in Tunisia - Thigh lift
After the procedure


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