Intimate Surgery in Tunisia

For some women, the use of a little swimsuit cause significant discomfort for fear that the shape of their vagina lips are too visible or they see through the fabric of the shirt. The labioplasty is to correct the shape of the lips bloated and never cause such discomfort.


The procedure

We can achieve a rejuvenation of the reproductive tract of women in two ways:

  • By a traditional plastic surgery
  • With laser surgery.

In both cases this operation is intended to improve the appearance of the genital tract of women, to reduce the upper lips and beautify the lower lips without altering their functionality.

Fragile, our intimacy sometimes requires delicate surgery. Whether aesthetic or restorative surgery of the intimate gradually emerge from the shadows.

Surgery of the feminine intimate

A newcomer to the intimate surgery, reduction of the labia minora or nymphoplasty has a goal most often aesthetic. Other interventions such as those designed to inflate the G-spot would allow some women to find their way to orgasm. The point of these techniques.


There are three types of Surgery intimate namely:

  • Nymphoplasty: surgery of the labia minora
  • Inflateher G-spot to find orgasm
  • Repair damage of excision


Among the aims of the surgery intimate, we find:

  • Increase the volume of malformed upper lips, using an injection of permanent fillers.
  • Reduce the volume of lower lips bloated (too large) or "pending", which can cause irritation during sexual intercourse.
  • Correct irregular shapes of the lower lips or asymmetry.
  • Revitalize and give a more aesthetic appearance to the lips and cheeks aged through an injection of a permanent filling.
  • Increase the vaginal opening, when it is too narrow to accommodate a penetration
  • Inflate her G-spot to find orgasm


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