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  • Sleeping & Face

    Post PicSleep position and other habits can affect facial aging While getting enough sleep is one of the things doctors recommend in the fight against aging, how you sleep could also make a difference.

  • Facelift & Age

    Facelifting and AgeNew study finds that a facelift can make you look about seven years younger. A scientific study published online, February 21, 2012, in Archives of Facial Plastic Surgery demonstrates that a facelift and other facial cosmetic surgeries can alter your appearance so that you appear about seven years younger than your actual age.

  • Plastic Surgery & Teens

    Plastic Surgery and TeensWhy is plastic surgery a growing trend in teens? According to Utah's Daily Herald newspaper, teenagers are getting plastic surgery to improve their chances in an increasingly competitive society.

  • Color & Aesthetic

    Plastic Surgery and Black WomenAccording to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, "As more patients of color present for surgery, it is becoming increasingly important to have techniques that address their individual needs. It is vital to preserve the ethnic heritage of the given patient."

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