Hand Plastic Surgery in Tunisia

The hand surgeon is a surgeon who supports hand injuries, its skeleton, its engines (muscles and tendons), its nerves and vessels, which must be capable of repair and coverage.


Pathologies of the hand:

Treatment of carpal tunnel endoscopic

This technique is now applicable to the majority of cases, it avoids the open palm of the hand and allows optimal recovery

Before the procedure

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome results in a sensation of "ants" in the fingers, frequently associated with back pain in the arm.
  • Signs of this disease often hamper sleep.
  • All of this is explained by the suffering of the median nerve (main nerve of the hand) that goes together with the tendons of the fingers, under a ligament in a very tight tunnel (called the carpal tunnel). This tunnel is located at the bottom of the palm.
  • This suffering that is often favored by manual activities, must be confirmed by a test called electromyogram (EMG), this measure by small bites, the speed of the electric current flowing through the nerves.
  • Based on the results of the EMG should be considered:
    • Either infiltration of cortisone in the wrist, most often delaying the operation a few months or years; transiently decreasing nerve inflammation that is clamped in the channel.
    • Either a wrist splint positioned at night, reduces discomfort and "ants".
    • Either an operation that is the only definitive treatment.

During the procedure

    • The goal of intervention is to free the nerve from its tunnel by cutting a ligament (this section is of no consequence in the long run).
    • endoscopic technique allows, in camera, and easing up the surgical procedure, to recover the function of the hand as quickly as possible.
    • The incision on the skin about 1 cm.
  • After the procedure

    • Signs of the disease disappear very quickly, often on the evening of surgery.
    • Admission to the clinic is in the morning and exit in the late afternoon.
    • Two sutures are absorbable and therefore fall only after 15 days to 3 weeks.
    • No immobilization cast or splint and no rehabilitation is required.
    • A work stoppage is useful depending on the type of work: it can range from 2 days to a month depending on the case.


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