Face Surgery in Tunisia
Chin Surgery

More and more patients want to make it more elegant and harmonious their faces, decreasing or increasing the volume or the projection of certain areas like the chin, cheeks, or the angles of their jaw.

The chin is a fundamental bone structure in the general harmony of the face. New surgical techniques allow us to perform safely a volume increase with the introduction of implants or facial prostheses, or a decrease in bone volume by planing.

This procedure is rarely done in isolation. It is often associated as part of a profiloplasty a rhinoplasty, higher cheekbones or a facelift.


The procedure

Insufficient to raise a chin, or down, the surgeon introduces a chin implant or through an incision in the local interior of the mouth (in the crease, between the gum and lower lip) or through a small incision in the skin below the chin.

To reduce a protruding chin thrust forward or too, said "nutcracker", the surgeon will plane sectionnera or bone through an incision in the mouth which enable us to progress, to reduce or refine the jaw.

The procedure duration

The procedure takes 30 minutes to one hour.


The operation is conducted under general anesthesia if profiloplasty. Isolated this intervention is possible under local anesthesia.


Recovery takes two to four days, during which the patient may feel some discomfort transient, such as inflammation, a sleep, impaired sensation, or pain accompanied by low hematomas. The patient will perform disinfectant mouthwash several times a day. The food or liquid should be mixed first five days.

After eight days the mucosa has healed completely. For this intervention, massage is indicated cons during immediate postoperative, because it could cause mobility of the implanted material.


Facial cosmetic surgery in Tunisia
Before the procedure
Facial cosmetic surgery in Tunisia
After the procedure


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