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TunisiaHealthCare.com is the first medical organization totally specialized in aesthetic and cosmetic treatments in Tunisia to people living in other countries. He is followed by a solid experience in the UNCOM , comity of organization and medical car agency . TunisiaHealthCare.com is partner ship with Barclay's group travel , residence le corail hotel. There are 5 main reasons why you should travel with TunisiaHealthCare.com: Safety - Service - Experience - Accreditation - Prices - Charity.

At the same time, we will give you the opportunity to travel and to visit Tunisia .Being the first company in Tunisia specialized in surgery holidays, we were able to select to partner with the highest quality private clinic and most experienced surgeons. Our medical staff is made up of The Most qualified and experienced Health Care Professionals in Cosmetic Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Micro Surgery, Laser Treatment, Dental Surgery;… In the most advanced Surgical and Laser centers. You will be excited to learn that we not only offers the highest quality cosmetic and plastic surgery results, best quality in medical care, high standards of cosmetic surgery, and the use of modern technologies as well as top-quality materials for procedures, but we offer it at a fraction of the cost for the same procedures in Europe. At the same time. "We are there for you every step of the way" With TunisiaHealthCare.com you are not only guaranteed low prices and high quality for your treatments but a complete travel package. We will help you step by step- from booking your travel to making the most of your stay in Tunisia.

Whether traveling to Tunisia for cosmetic surgery or major dental work, we are dedicated to assisting you with every aspect of your visit. Our customer service staff will provide you the best attention and a complete service, both in the organization of the trip and during their stay in Tunis. The patient coordinators of our staff speak English, Arabic, and French and are not only knowledgeable of the country, but have been specially trained in the areas of cosmetic surgery as well. We will guide you from the day you arrive until the moment you fly back home.

Once you have made your decision, you will just have to send us the medical information needed in order to schedule your treatment for the date you find most convenient; there will be no delay or waiting lists. Tunisia Health Care provides a variety of cosmetic treatments. In order to make it easier for our patients, we offer a standard trip package for each treatment that includes: - The complete procedure (aesthetic surgery or dental work) - Accommodation in hotels - Clinic - Transportation - Personal Assistance Service - Complete hematology tests Analysis In addition to your procedure we may offer you a variety of tourist tours to visit different areas of Tunisia. We set up a Guarantee: Treat each of our patients as our Guests, like VIPs To make each of our Guests feel cared for, pampered, and very special in a comfortable and professional atmosphere; providing each of our Guests with an exceptional quality of care, utilizing state of the art technology and the best materials. The best quality at the best price The best and most well known Plastic Surgeons

The best service at hotels The best hospital infrastructures. The best personalized care, with total medical attention, as well as ongoing post-operative supervision. The best tourist options so that you can recover, rest, and relax in serenity and can enjoy exploring this wonderful country. Personal image counseling to help you and affirm that you look incredible. The best packages adapted to your budget, with prices lower than those found anywhere else. a guarantee of a free intervention in case of resumption or unsatisfactory results. Privacy and Confidentiality "Our happiness is to give you back your smiles, providing you with the personal satisfaction and well-being that you deserve. Your Trust Drives our Success."

Our partners

Barclay Group Travel
Barclay's Group Travel

Barclay's Group Travel is the leader in group travel agencies in Tunisia. It provides a standard product to meet the needs and satisfy the desires of these customers, while continuing to be fully committed to sustainable tourism.


The Tunisair is the flag carrier airline of Tunisia. Its network covers more than 28 countries and 101 destinations served by more than 48 scheduled and 90 charter flights. Making an average of 47 flights per day, Tunisair has heavy traffic encompassing the major cities of Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

British Airways
British Airways

British Airways is the national airline of the United Kingdom. It operates domestic and international flights from its main hub at London Heathrow airport. British Airways is the third European airline after Air France-KLM and Lufthansa German. It is a founding member of Oneworld.


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